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Organicpeaprotein.eu is a business linked to Organicpotatostarch.com. It makes perfect sense.

Plant based proteins is a fast growing trend in the food market with more and more people interested in going vegan or at least decreasing their consumption of animal products. Industrial animal production is a huge contributor to climate change and emissions of greenhouse gases. Therefore going towards more plant based food makes perfect sense for developing a more sustainable food system. Organic proteins derived from leguminous plants are some of the most sustainable proteins on the market.

Organic Brown Peas

We grow Organic Brown Peas and Fava Beans in a crop rotation together with organic potatoes which can be grown not more than every fourth year on the same field. Other crops are red clover (Trifolium pratense) for fixing nitrogen in the field and improving soil structure – and grain, usually oats. Adding peas or fava beans in the crop rotation makes perfect sense because they are leguminous crops that also fix nitrogen into the soil. Growing starch potatoes, red clover, oats and peas in a four-year crop rotation creates a sustainable farming system  on farms without animals and gives the organic farmer a good economical result. As a bonus we have created a gluten-free crop rotation.

As humans we need good quality proteins in our diet that have been produced in a sustainable way. Leguminous plants – like peas and fava beans – from organic farming is certainly a good solution. Pea protein has a good amino acid composition, brown peas and fava beans have a naturally high protein content and biological nitrogen fixation in the root system is the most efficient way to produce protein. In contrast producing protein from grain (wheat, rice etc) – which has relatively low protein content – creates huge side streams of starch with little value.

In the first stage we are offering to the market organic brown pea protein and organic fava bean protein and flours from both. Brown peas is a traditional staple crop in Latvia and has been farmed and eaten there since Medieval Times. One of the most traditional dishes in Latvia today is brown peas (also called grey peas) with bacon, which was (and still is) usually served at Christmas. Latvian brown (grey) peas have been enlisted in the European Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) list. Also fava beans are a traditional staple crop in Northern Europe and has become increasingly popular as a reliable protein crop and a raw-material for new innovative vegan foods especially in Finland.

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