Our organic protein concentrates are based on Organic Brown Peas or Organic Fava Beans grown in Latvia and Finland. We produce the protein concentrates in a mechanical process with no heating or chemicals involved. The result is a native, raw and fully functional vegan protein concentrate with mild taste that has a wide range of applications in food processing. The protein content is over 50% in the Brown Pea concentrate and over 60% in the Fava Bean concentrate. Apart from protein the products contain mainly starch (naturally in the peas/beans) which gives them further functionality.

The main application areas are in vegan food (meat and dairy replacements), snacks etc.

Pea protein functionality includes:


Brown Pea and Fava Bean protein concentrates function as emulsifiers. Their absorb water and oil at 1 : 4 at temperatures above 70°C.

Pea protein have similar emulsifying properties in oil-in-water emulsions as egg protein and by changing its acidity you can regulate the thickness of the emulsion. Pea protein should be dissolved in water before adding fat phase.

Foaming agent

Pea protein is known to be a better foaming agent than soy protein and can replace cow milk proteins in various applications like ice-cream, chocolate mousse etc.


Both brown pea and fava bean proteins create fibre like texture and can be used as excellent texturizing agents in various applications and also very high water holding capacity allow to create new and improve existing recipes.


Brown pea and fava bean protein combination allow to reduce legume taste profile in final product after heat treatment.


Pea protein concentrate benefits:

• High quality plant based protein
• Raw protein: Excellent functionality
– Pleasant taste profile compared to yellow and green peas
• High nutritional properties
• Perfect combination of protein and starch
• GMO-free
• EU Origin
• Traditional European crop


Organic Brown Pea and Fava Bean Flours 

Our organic pulse flours are based on Organic Brown Peas or Organic Fava Beans. The side-stream of producing the protein concentrates is flours that still contain 17% / 20% raw functional protein. The protein content is higher than high-protein wheat flour and therefore the starchy flours are perfect for gluten-free baking, extruded snacks and pellets and noodles and pasta. They can also be used in wheat based baking to as flour improvers and to increase the nutritional quality of the proteins of the bread.
  • – Gluten free
  • High protein content compared to cereal flours
  • Contains functional raw protein and native starch
  • Pleasant taste profile compared to yellow and green peas
  • GMO-free
  • EU Origin
  • Traditional European crop
  • Increased nutritional quality when combined with grain cereals

Synergy with grain

The association of grain and legumes is of interest as grain such as wheat are deficient in lysine and rich in sulphuric amino acids and legumes such as peas are rich in lysine and have low content of sulphur amino acids. Grain and legumes are a perfect match in your diet!

Amino acid content of Brown Pea and Fava Bean.