Plant Based Organic Proteins -brochure

Our organic protein concentratesare based on Organic Brown Peasor Organic Fava Beansgrown in Latvia and Finland. We produce the protein concentrates in a mechanical process with no heating or chemicals involved. The result is a native, raw and fully functional vegan protein concentratewith mild tastethat has a wide range of applications in food processing. The protein content is over 50% in the Brown Pea concentrate and over 60% in the Fava Bean concentrate. Apart from protein the products contain mainly starch (naturally in the peas/beans) which gives them further functionality.

Organic Functional Ingredients & Organic Brown Pea Flours: Bakery applications

Previously I wrote about the functionality of organic potato starch in bakery applications in While potato starch has a lot of functionality it doesn’t work for all purposes. For emulsification, foaming and texturising you need something else. Organic Brown Pea and Fava Bean Protein flours are simple natural wholemeal flours that have a lot…