Our Brown Pea and Fava Bean proteins and flours are functional ingredients! 

Functional Proteins

Our Brown Pea and Fava Bean proteins and flours are actually natural blends of native proteins and starch. There is no heat step in our manufacturing process. We propose our flours as functional ingredients for food preparation or processing. The flours are not soluble in cold water and the taste of the raw flours does not represent the taste of the final product. Please refer to our Testing Protocol if you have received a sample from us. The functionality we refer to requires food preparation or processing involving a heat step. 

Water and oil absorption

Good water absorption properties 1 : 4 at temperatures above 70C



As foaming agent

Our proteins can be used as a thermostable foaming agent due to its combination of protein and starch.

Substituting animal proteins in vegan products

Protein enrichment

Application areas of Brown Pea and Fava bean proteins:

  • Vegan products
    • Vegan meat products –
    • Cheese
    • Ice cream
  • Ready meals
  • Soups and sauces
  • Beverages
  • Protein enrichment in various food products

Functional flours:

Brown Pea and Fava Bean flours contain a comparatively high content of functional protein (16-20%). They can be used in 

  • Savoury and sweet baking
    • Gluten-free baking
    • Baking with yeast and sour dough
    • In combination with wheat improves taste, softness and protein content
    • Bakery mixes
  • Snacks
  • Pasta & noodles
  • Other Extruded products