Organic Brown Pea and Fava Bean Proteins at BioFach 2020

As always at the end of January and early February we are preparing for BioFach. I suppose it is the same for everyone in the organic food industry. For us it means that we are preparing a totally new brochure for Organic Potato Starch adding a few pages with recipes and more application info, updating the Organic Brown Pea Protein brochure, designing the stand and many other things. An important part at BioFach will be that we will have Application Demonstrations on Thursday and Friday noon at our stand. Of course it is somewhat challenging without a real kitchen but I think we can show a few interesting things! Welcome! 

What we want to show in the Application Demo is the wide range of process functionality that can be achieved with Organic Potato Starch and Organic Brown Pea and Fava Bean Proteins. Those range from water binding and viscosity creation to anti-caking, creating moisture barriers and on the protein side emulsification, foaming and texturising and more specifically egg and milk protein replacement in vegan products. Come and hear all about it! 

The other important point we want to make is that taste is not a problem when using our protein flours. We have three cards up our sleeves:

  • We have an ancient pea type: Brown Peas, with a mild nutty taste. So forget about yellow peas and come and taste the Brown Peas! 
  • Heat impact: Our flours are raw in the same sense as wheat flour is raw. You need to cook it, bake it, fry it – don’t make a judgement based on the raw product. And overcooking is almost impossible which is an important benefit compared to protein isolates. 
  • We have Organic Fava Beans: Fava Beans taste different and the taste is also pretty mild. Blending Brown Pea and Fava Bean flours is the last bit for eliminating any unwanted taste in the final product. 
I just had Organic Brown Pea pasta for lunch and I must say that even I was surprised how delicious it was. Cooking time was 6 minutes. This was the first trial batch produced at Keskisen Mylly in Finland from our starchy protein flours (appr. 20% protein content). It shows that these flours work perfectly for pasta – and of course it is gluten-free We will be sampling this and the Fava Bean pasta at BioFach because it really demonstrates how nice the taste is when properly cooked. And there will be a vegan side dish but I am not disclosing what that will be yet…

Our application specialist Janis Garancs is also a speaker at BIOFACH Congress on Thursday at 2pm: Careful, Gentle, Minimal: What are the principles of organic processing? Please join! 

The rest of the time we are available for meetings and discussions about our offer, products and applications. Please contact me in order to arrange a meeting or just pass by. But please bear in mind that BioFach is extremely busy so prearranging meetings is always a good idea!

Our Products

Based on Organic Potato Starch we offer native, cold-swelling (pregel) and dried potato starch and Organic Baking Powder. Potato starch is the most versatile native starch and excellent as Water Binder, Thickener, Anti-caking, Food Glue and Bulking. In many cases you can replace hydrocolloids and you can form a moisture barrier in baked products. Contact us for more information. 

We offer Organic Brown Pea and Fava Bean Protein concentrates that are excellent in Egg Replacement, Emulsification, Foaming (Volume) and Soft Texturing and offer neutral taste. But it is critical to understand how to use them. Let us tell you! 

Our Organic Brown Pea and Fava Bean Flours work perfectly in Snacks, Bakery (Gluten-free as well as wheat based) and in any Extruded products. 

Our Team at BioFach

  • Erkki Pöytäniemi, export director organic products
    • erkki (ät)  
    • tel: +358 50 5505225 
  • Janis Garancs, application specialist & general manager, Aloja Starkelsen Ltd
    • janis.garancs (ät)   
    • tel: +371 2 9423847 
  • Ossi Paakki, general manager, Finnamyl Ltd
    • ossi.paakki (ät)
    • tel: +358 50 086 0043‬ 
  • Maris Klavins, export manager, Aloja Starkelsen Ltd
    • maris.klavins (ät) 
    • tel:  +371 2 6389955
  • Raitis Sarkovskis, export manager, Aloja Starkelsen Ltd
    • raitis.sarkovskis (ät)  
    • tel: +371 2 9411481 
  • Heli Nurkkala, Product Manager, Finnamyl Ltd
    • heli.nurkkala (ät) 
    • tel: +358 40 5817 678
  • Pinja Pöytäniemi, sales assistant