The Process

With plant based proteins there are a lot of parameters that should be understood: type of raw-material and the method of extracting the protein being the most important. We use a Dry Process while most plant based proteins on the market are protein isolates which means that the proteins have been extracted from a wet phase using various technologies. 

The Dry Process includes dehulling, milling into a very fine flour and by air classification separating in two fractions of flour with high and low content of protein: protein concentrate and flour. 

Benefit of the dry process:

  • the final products are clean natural flours that fit perfectly in wholesome foods
  • both products are natural blends of protein and starch including also all other nutritional values from the original raw-material (fibres, fat, minerals etc)
  • no high temperature impact results in raw native protein products
  • the full functionality of the proteins and starch is preserved
  • the nutritional values of the raw-material is preserved
  • anti nutritional factors are reduced  due to dehulling 

Dry process for protein extraction.